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Weight loss pills Resurge product, which has had tremendous success in its own right. However, it was recently announced by the FDA that Resurgence should be completely re-formulated and then sold as a weight loss supplement rather than an over the counter weight loss product. The new formula is one which works very well for many people, but there are always going to be those who can’t seem to get it to work for them.

Weight loss pills Resurge – Best Fat Burning Supplement

The original formula used by Resurgence was created by Dr. William Sandler, a doctor in Colorado. The formula was formulated by combining various herbs such as Ginseng, Black Cohosh, White Willow, Ginger Root, and Stinging Nettle. However, it was found that these herbs were actually too potent to be safe for use. Because of this problem, Dr. Sandler was able to find a better way to make his formula work.

Resurgence reviews have pointed out that the original formula had been tweaked to improve the absorption rate of the herbs which allowed them to have a better effect on the body. This allowed the herbs to work together to form a more potent formula, which is still one that works very well. This newer formula also allows the herbs to penetrate deep into the body much easier, which means that they can have a better effect on those who need them the most.