Top 3 Pro Scooters (Updated 2020)

The Top 3 Pro Scooters (Updated 2020)

The main point of difference when it comes to a standard scooter and a pro scooter is not just the motor, it’s the feeling that creates the experience.

Standard scooters generally use plastic or rubber wheels, while high-quality scooter wheels are made out of metal. Just to clarify, we’re talking about the inner part of a wheel, not the tire, which is always made out of rubber. If you want to become a pro scooter rider, we’ve got some tips worth considering.

The aforementioned is only the starting point of things to consider when selecting which scooter to purchase. Things such as fuel tank size, storage space, lights and more are important factors to include in your research.

It can be fairly difficult when deciding on the style of scooter you may want or need. We can summarise what we know about particular scooter products which will help you with the decision-making process, so you can make an educated decision when purchasing a scooter, or hiring a scooter in Melbourne.

Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter

The Z300 is a fantastic, reliable, all-around scooter choice. 

We categorise it as the swiss army knife of scooters! A solid go-to choice for new and intermediate riders. Let’s get into the specifications as best as we can. 

The seat and deck of the pro scooter on the Z300 is ideal for teenagers. Deck sizing is 4.8 inches large and 19.2 inches in length, the down tube or neck on the deck is reinforced for strength, however, is also flush to the front of the deck to assist coping techniques.


The Z300 is a pro rider’s favourite choice and has been tested by the best in the game. It can easily satisfy the demands of quick, advancing exuberant riders. The Z300 resembles a custom-made scooter, with a price that competes with entry-level scooters.

With a 3-degree top-down, concave design and a flat bottom with rails perfect for grinding against bars, this is quite possibly one of the toughest and lightest decks in the world, and certainly, one that we’ve found can’t be beaten by competitors.

Regardless of your riding experience, the Z300 is by far the best choice. Providing a reliable ride which promises to last for years to come, the value for money ratio here is certainly something to consider.

Lucky TFox Sig Pro Scooter 

The TFOX Pro Scooter is one of the most advanced freestyle scooters, specifically designed for experienced riders. Tanner Fox, the popular YouTuber and rider (I’m sure you’ve heard of him) is the guy who actually came up with the layout – so if you know who he is, you will understand that these scooters have the outstanding build quality and endurance.

The TFOX scooter accessories not only look sick but are also designed to last and handle some serious shredding. This premium collection can give any scooter ride an awesome facelift, and with some new TFOX scooter parts on your ride, you’ll be mastering new tricks in no time.

It is one of the lightest scooters in the market, at a whopping 3KG – that’s pretty damn light for a scooter. It provides speed and agility matched by few. This scooter is a total package that has no flaws. In general, it is one of the best selling and top choices for scooter riders.

If that’s not enough to get you fascinated, let’s dive much deeper and check out the features of this product.

Some of the top features include; durability, light-build, awesome wheels, and a totally unique design that will make you stand our from the crowd!

Most of the cool cats in the scootering game would say that the TFOX Sig is the one to get when it comes to pro scooters. If you wanted to make a purchase click this link.

Yamaha Tricity 155 (Motor Scooter)

Three-wheeled scooters are a growing trend right now with lots of producers adding a trike to their flagship offering. Yamaha’s Tricity 155 is among the much better ones. It still leans like a two-wheeler, however, the additional front wheel makes it less challenging for novices, and more stable for those who are looking for a more comfortable ride.

What stands out about the Tricity 155? The extra front tire means three-wheelers have huge grip for cornering and braking. That’s specifically crucial on a damp road, something that’s common in Melbourne (as you’d know).

Where do its flaws lie?? When it’s time for new tires, you’re up for three, not 2. Slightly more costly, but having the additional tire in the first place greatly outweighs any additional maintenance costs.

There are even professional scooters constructed specifically for techniques, competitors, and skateparks. The main difference between a regular scooter and a pro is the wheels. Requirement scooters feature plastic or rubber wheels, while pro scooter wheels are metal. If you want to end up being the next professional scooter rider or you want to show off your skills, here are the ones for factor to consider.

Whether you’re hitting tricks at the skatepark or delivering food on your three-wheeler, you should be leaving with a bit more clarity and knowledge on scooters. TFox brand or Yamaha? You decide.