The Process Behind Vapour Blowing

Vapour Blasting New Zealand specializes in the repair, cleaning and restoration of various parts in an industrial setting. The company operates in all major cities in New Zealand including Auckland, Christchurch, Nelson, Hamilton and Wellington. They offer their services to the auto industry as well as industries such as petroleum, metal finishing and wood working industries. The company works with customers from different industries, both local and international, and can provide you with a range of services ranging from a complete overhaul of your car and truck, to simple repairs, and much more.

Vapor Barriers: Need one or not?

Deburring: deburring is a process that is used to remove burrs from a finished part, which will allow the part to move freely on a smooth surface without scratching the surface. The debugging process is usually carried out using an EDM cutter but can also be carried out by a hand held diamond or carbide cutter. This allows the process to be more efficient and allows the process to be more consistent throughout the product. A quality deburring system can be very costly, but the cost is worth it for the result of superior quality performance.

Most professional deburming machines will have a manual mode. The manual mode requires the customer to set up a work area to work in while they are undergoing the process. The machine then uses its vibration and suction system to remove the burrs without causing any damage to the part.