Make DVD Copy Using Blank DVD Copy Software

Run Magic DVD Copy Software. Insert a blank DVD disc into the computer’s disk drive. Step1. Choose ‬target disc› or ‬DVD disc to copy blank DVD. Step2. Choose a destination disc like ‐DVD-ROM, DVD-RW or DVD-R/RW.

blank dvd disc

Step3. Select the type of DVD burner application that you want to use. If you have the software CD-ROM burner, then you can burn any other kind of DVD disc including blank DVD discs. If you use software CD-RW burner, you can burn to blank DVD disc and DVD-ROM disc only. If you are burning software DVD-R/RW disc, then you can also burn to blank DVD disc.

When you burn a blank DVD disc, you will see a window asking for the destination DVD disc. Choose the destination disc with the target name and format. After choosing the target and formatting disc, click Start. Then, wait for the disc to be burned. When finished, you can take the blank DVD disc out of the computer and insert it in a DVD player for copying. Burn DVD-ROM disc by pressing the Burn button.

Now, you can now copy blank DVD-ROM from your computer into a DVD player. When you finish copying, insert the DVD-ROM disc into your player and you are good to go.