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Warehouses, Factories, Bridges…
From concrete to metal or any other substrate used for roofing, polyurethane excels as the ultimate solution for all applications. Polyurethane not only outperforms all other sealing solutions it also is more effective as a rust preventative than other applications. Charlotte NC Evergreen Roofing.

Due to the longevity of polyurethane, the biggest advantage of choosing a polyurethane solution has to be the long term cost effectiveness that polyurethane provides because of its maintenance-free qualities.

Totally flexible and impervious to contraction and expansion due to temperature variations polyurethane outlasts all conventional roofing techniques, making it the no brainer choice for all round efficiency.


The Perfect Solution

Normal roofing maintenance is required at regular intervals to avoid costly repairs. With the industry standard, this requires a minimum maintenance schedule of at least a recoating of the roof with roof paint every 5 to 7 years. Polyurethane extends this maintenance period to once in every 15 years.

The Commercial sector…

Commercial applications of Polyurethane are as varied as the product itself, Polyurethane is used in settings as diverse as restaurants (where it is used as appealing, designer surfaces that are long-lasting and easy to clean. ) and in petrol stations (around the spill area of petrol pumps)

Due to Polyurethanes chemical and corrosion resistance, it is an ideal solution for numerous commercial applications.

Petrol spills are very common and lead to all kinds of corrosive problems for petrol station owners, a simple and effective solution has been found using polyurethane to create a barrier that protects against the problems encountered in these locations

Volatile Chemical Areas

Non Volatile Aesthetic areas
Polyurethane properties are totally non-toxic and therefore polyurethane can be used in food grade areas for both aesthetics and for convenience. Used here at a local KFC polyurethane was chosen for its textured and fully paintable properties in order to create a visually pleasing finish.