Relationship Psychologist On The Northern Beaches

Finding A Great Relationships Psychologist On The Northern Beaches

Couples counselling requires specific skills and differs from individual counselling. Little Steps Psychology Northern Beaches therapists have specialized training in couples work, click here which she completed in Sydney Northern Beaches as part of her training to become a clinical psychologist.

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One of the important things about couple psychology is to ensure that each person is heard and understood. Whilst there are elements which are similar to individual counselling the focus always needs to be on the couple dynamic and how to enhance that.

As a general rule Little Steps normally works with couples together, rather than providing them with individual appointments, as this ensures the couple dynamic is always the focus.

In the first few sessions the focus will be on collecting a detailed history of each person, as well as their couple history. This is important as it gives a good understanding of why and how the particular dynamic may have developed between the couple. Once this is understood it is then easier to begin to look at ways to facilitate change.

With one in three marriages ending in divorce many couples are keen to look at ways to protect and enhance their relationship.

Couples counselling provides some of the strategies and skills needed to build resilience within a relationship.

Little Steps has found that over her many years of working with couples, that generally when both partners are committed to working though the issues they find that their relationship is enhanced.

Whilst not every couple stays together after counselling, those that don’t understand the reasons for the breakup and move forward more easily.

Many couples report that they wouldn’t still be together had they not attended couple counselling.

Little Steps Owner Marcela Nolasco – Psychologist is a registered Psychologist and a member of the APS, with over 20 years experience in Counselling, Consultancy and Training. She has specialist qualifications in Couples Counselling, having completed specialist. She has a Post Graduate in Organisational Behaviour.

Marcela Nolasco from Little Steps has a passion for working with couples and individuals who seek answers to life’s challenges. She works in a way which is tailor-made for each person’s individual needs. Her approach to each couple and individual is creative and seeks to develop their own competencies so that they get back on track and move more freely through life.

Little Steps Psychology use evidence-based approaches in her practice, which include CBT, Acceptance Commitment Therapy and Mindfulness.

Chris has a varied background which includes

EAP, consultancy and training across a large range of industries, both private and public sector. Several years at a homeless shelter working in a psychosocial recovery program.

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